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- Click on the LOG IN / REGISTER button to register with us. / Please fill in the actual information for approval in your real name & real e-mail address.
*** Remark , Creating a user name and email address must be in a way that accurately identifies the person. If it is just numbers. Or @ untrusted email Subscriptions may not be approved.
*** You can confirm your membership registration by calling +6695 251 6536 for faster registration approval.

- The system will take you to the registration panel (which is the same panel as the login). For new subscriptions, press "Do not have and account?"

- Please fill in the required information. * and then press Register button .

* Enter the name / code / email you are currently using (because it will link to you at your email. to confirm and login back for membership. / recheck your e-mail after registered)

- The message will be returned to you at your email address that will be sent to confirm your registration ( The email may be in your junk mail  )

- You will receive a mail from our system (if not, please check in Junk mail) or ask for more information at +6695 546 9292.

- Click on the link to confirm your subscription. The system will return you to the website.

- Your subscription is complete. Please wait a moment before you log in. ( The webmaster will recheck your name and your e-mail address for security membership ) If you wait too long and can not access, please contact +6695 546 9292.

- To login please Press the LOG IN / REGISTER button .

*** KENT ROMEO products are high quality products. Ideal for those who want good product performance. The distribution is in the nature of those who want to use the product seriously. And the passion for the Kent Romeo brand is sincere, because the production and sales are confident and secure. The registration system is subject to the approval of the real e-mail and the real name by the webmaster. If the details and access of the member is not a right, the Webmaster may suspend the user and hold the order or cancel the registration
- If you have a problem and do not have the convenience to subscribe. For more information, please call +6695 251 6536.
More info : +6695 251 6536
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