How to Order / Order / Check Order

- Press the LOG IN / REGISTER button on the top of the menu at the top of the website (the same button as the registration). 
- Please fill in the Username & Password (if you have forgotten your password, please contact +6695 251 6536 )

- After login. The system will bring you to the Profile page. You can update the password or edit the information by pressing the Edit Profile button.


- Edit your profile You can update your password and E-maill address.

- Welcome to the KENT ROMEO's Online Store at the categories of shopping page. 

- Each Categories Once you have selected The item will have a button to buy immediately or click the Detail button to more details of the product.

- From the Buy button, the system will be taken to the next window on the table details the product price.
- In case you want to cancel the item. You can press the x button in the Remove box.
- Press the Checkout button to proceed to the next section of shopping cart.

- Delivery details Please fill in the details for fast and efficient delivery. You can contact us at the contact number. The system will record the first time you have entered the database. In the next order, the address is automatically displayed. If you have a temporary change of address on each delivery. You can fill in the Other Delivery Address for delivery to other addresses.)
- Click Next to continue.

- If you have a discount code You can enter the code in the Discount code box and press the Activate button to automatically discount.
- Press the Checkout button to proceed to the next section.

- Payment Information System with bank transfer
- Click the Next button to proceed to the next section.

- Our online ordering system. The average delivery price is 60 baht per order (total amount).
- Click the Next button to proceed to the next section.

- Before the end of the purchase process. Please mark TERMS OF SERVICE & RETURN POLICY.
- Press the Confirm order button to accept the order.

- Complete Order Verification System

- You will receive a confirmation email from the system. To inform the details of your order.

- In order to confirm your order will include. Product Description and Price Including payment details. There is also an E-Bill that attaches to your e-Bill and e-mail (press the word PDF File will pop-up e-bill to save).

- Email system that responds automatically. Can not reply If you need more information, please contact at +6695 251 6536 or Line ID: rukartstudio
- On behalf of health and beauty products, KENT ROMEO would like to thank all of our customers for online shopping and trust in the KENT ROMEO 's products. We will continue to develop and value the sustainable and create good things for you.
More info : +6695 251 6536
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.