Kent Romeo's "Kent Romeo" designs, manufactures, RUK ART STUDIO Co., Ltd., Is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality products for health and beauty, as well as lifestyle and creative products. It is a great way to meet your health lover and look, after the good looks under quality and tested products. The result is a great product, so it's a great Kent Romeo. And excellent quality.

To be the great brand. Must use commitment, patience, and well-rounded with talent. Want to own a brand under our own organization ? The design and supervision of production. Full of love in the brand. To be honest and to control the production. To maintain quality at all times. The competition in the product market is quite high. And branding communication is easy. In the matter of channels. But quality and willingness. It is an indicator of the potential for continuous production and branding. Kent Romeo is a reliable product. And it's a quality brand for you.

Brand owner : Mr. Ruk Pattharapong Tikampornanant [ MD ]
Logo design and packaging : RUK ART STUDIO Co., Ltd.
Production Control and Quality Control : RUK ART STUDIO Co., Ltd.
Public Relations and Marketing : RUK ART STUDIO Co., Ltd.
Distributed by : RUK ART STUDIO Co.,Ltd.